100HappyBlogs: Day 7 Masquerade

As I watch Phantom of the Opera, probably for the millionth time, I realize where my true dreams lie.

Ever since I was a child, my mom has sung opera. I grew up in the theater watching her perform and then host the opera. My passion set in early. I have seen this live quite a few times. Each time, I cry when the phantom sings, “You were cursed the day you did not do, all that the phantom asked of you” because you can hear the hurt in his voice. He loves her and knows not how to act in the real world and in social situations. It is like he doesn’t understand how not to be hurt and upset. He doesn’t know how to vent. Sometimes, I feel the same way, not about love, but about life in general.

Back to my passion. I dream of singing on Broadway. The two shows I actually saw on Broadway, Les Miserables and The Lion King, were so moving and amazing, I wanted to stay in New York to see them all. Now it is my dream to go to New York for my career, and hopefully I can put on my music mask and become a part of the world I grew to love at such a young age.

Music moves me in such a way that I believe my life would end suddenly if someone told me I had to live without any music for the rest of my life. There is nothing more close to my emotions. I can feel all the pain poured into every lyric, or if its orchestral, it’s even easier to feel the feels.

Orchestral is my favorite, but I want to be a singer on stage. It may never happen, but I can dream and await to see what unfolds in the future.

Even though it makes me sob like a baby, music makes me happy when skies are grey. It is my light at the end of the tunnel and super worthy of a happy blog.


Summer Sprinkles

What smell reminds me of the summertime?

Growing up in Louisiana, it rained most of the year. During the summer, however, the rain had a special smell. It was the smell of super hot asphalt that was cooling down. It smelled of fresh cut grass washing away. It smelled of my childhood, but I didn’t occur to me that rain was such a memorable smell until I moved up north during a draught. It didn’t rain for practically 3 years. I missed the rain and everything about it. I remember moving back down to the south on a day where it was pouring and how happy that made me.

050713rain-620x413It brought me back to being 8 years old and running outside and doing rain dances. Watching hurricanes is something we did for afternoon fun.

So, not only does rain remind me of summer, it is also my favorite smell. It was a time in my life where I could have peace if I wanted it.

To me, there is no better smell.


Would I Do It Again?

The prompt today asks if I could relive the past week, would I? And would I change anything about it?

I would NOT relive the past week, and let me tell you why.

It is not like this week has been special, important, or different from any other week. Most of my weeks are the same. Some a little better, some worse, but generally the same. I don’t like to think about going back, because a few years ago, that is all I wanted it to. I didn’t want to move forward, and I lived in the past. In my life now, I keep going forward. There is no going back for me anymore.

Going forward doesn’t always mean good things will happen. There will be struggle and tough times. Trust me, I will be the first to tell you that. But, there is no better way to go than forward.

Now if I did decide to go back and relive it(hypothetically), I wouldn’t change anything. I am a tad superstitious and I believe if you change things it will rip a hole in your universe, like in Dr. Who. So no changes for this girl!!!

Happy Living ❤

100HappyBlogs: Day 6 Bible Study

Growing up, I was not around religion a lot. My mother was baptist and my father was Jewish. I was not educated in any religion, apart from the occasional Sunday of going to Catholic church with my best friend and her family.

When I met my husband and his family, it was a complete culture shock. They are all so well educated and yet still strive to learn more about their religion. This intrigued me. Now, my mother-in-law and I do bible studies together, and I am learning so much.

Learning come naturally to me, and I have a thirst for it. If I could be a professional student, I would, because there should never be an end to anyone’s growth in this world. Knowledge can be your weapon against anyone who opposes you. It can be your power, and I am talking about any kind of learning, not just in religion. While I am not in school, Bible study keeps me busy.

My particular personality type (ESFJ) describes me as loving organized religion, which at this point in my life, is true. And it makes me a happier person to pursue the Lord and to learn.

On a side note, you all should go to similarminds.com and find out your personality type. The results are super accurate and not one of those vague, lame tests you take on Facebook or your horoscope.


Fantastic topic today! What do I do as a nightly routine?

Well, I am a night owl, as some may call it, so my routine goes well into the night. Normally dinner is around 7-9ish depending on when my hubby and I feel like cooking. After that, we take care of the animals and the house. Pretty boring right?

We both work all the time, and when I am in school, time becomes even shorter, so we keep things tidy when we can,

Anyway, after that, it is time for TV or movies or perhaps we will go out to a bar(it’s rare). I, then, like to go get in bed with the dogs and read until I finally fall asleep. It takes a good long while for that to happen, so I go through books like I do socks.

So, that is my nightly routine. Oh, and in there add brushing teeth and showering and that’s about how the evening goes.

Sleep well, all. ❤

Offside Memories: My First Pro Game

This daily prompt is fun for me. Right after my 18th birthday, a really good friend took me to see my favorite football team play against our fiercest competitors. He had season tickets, so our seats were super awesome. If I am not mistaken, we sat 4th row, 40 yard line. I was living in Maryland at the time so of course my team was the Ravens. The temperature was about 22 degrees and it was snowing. I remember freezing my butt off, but not really caring because being in a stadium filled with people who like the same thing you do was just amazing. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. To this day, I still remember the sound and how you couldn’t hear anything but you also heard everything. We lost the game, but we didn’t care. It was so much fun.

100HappyBlogs: Day 5 My Blog

When I first started blogging a few days ago, I had no idea I would have any followers or any likes. I thought I was not that great of a writer, so who would want to follow me?

Well, I may not be a good writer, but apparently there is something special because I do have followers. That is such a great feeling. It is amazing to know that people on the other side of the world look at my blog. I feel like I am a part of something, it may not be huge, but something nonetheless.

Thank you, to everyone who follows or likes my blog. You make me feel great today!