Over and Over Again…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Second Time Around.”

I have been a book worm since I was a child. As such, there are many books that I can read over again without boredom. Naturally, it takes out the element of surprise; however, some stories just make you feel amazing when you are done with them. 

I would have to say the most read book by me that I read every year at least once is Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. 

It is an amazing story of adventure and friendship, and in the end, trust and love. The story speaks to me with it’s intelligent humor and quirky characters. The development of Sophie, the protagonist, is beautiful. She grows from this timid young girl who will not stand up for herself to a strong young woman who has found love and made a life for herself. No one said she could make it and she wouldn’t amount to more than owning the hat shop in her family. She proved everyone wrong and ends up being a happier person for it.

This speaks to me because I grew up with this story. It meant something different to me each time I read it, depending on what stage I was in of my own life. I felt like I would not have grown up to be much of anything and now I am in school to better myself and I have a relatively “fun” life. 

That is my story. It speaks to me on many levels. I also read the sequel often. That’s all for now.



I have never been one to sleep easy. Normally, the routine is to watch tv for a few hours until I am remotely tired. Then, go to bed and read for an hour or two and drift off to sleep with my loud fan going and complete darkness of my room.

Well, this is not the case this evening. I am visiting my dad. There is no loud box fan or blackout curtains. There is no sleep. So I guess since it’s nearly 4am, I will just babble on for a while.

This week was my birthday week. 24 years on this earth and I am finally figuring out what I want to do in life. I say it took me long enough. Others say this feeling is completely normal. Maybe it is, but not for me.

My whole life I dreamed of being in medicine. That all changed when I actually went to college and decided to go for something that would make me a lot of money. Maybe that’s a terribly shallow aspect of my life, but it doesn’t end there. I went through the ideas of forensics(all sorts), psychology, anesthesiology, chemical engineering, and pharmacy. I ruled all of these out one by one when I realized that I am not a fan of chemistry at all in the slightest, and for psychology I would definitely bring my work home with me. Plus, I did not want to go to med school. So what did that leave?

A regular at my job suggested one day to look into physicians assistant school, since I had such an interest in medicine. It requires no med school, thank God, and is a 2ish year program, depending on my determination. PAs make a great salary with a lot less schooling and would make a great career. It would definitely get my hubby and I out of the south, which would be amazing. So that’s what I want to, and will, do.

When this became a post about what I want to do, I am not sure. But either way, that’s out. Now, on to other things. Like the fact that I can hear a train at 4am. Definitely not sleep conducive.

I was reminded tonight of a great movie I loved when I was in my teens. Not a normal movie for teens to be drawn to, but I had a different childhood then most people I know. We watched True Romance, which the hubby had never seen. I forgot how good it was. In a sick Tarantino way, it’s a great love story and truly one of the most romantic movies I have ever seen. If you haven’t seen it, go do it now, or at least at some point. Quentin Tarantino wrote it, however, since it was one of his first movies, he was broke and didn’t have the money to make it happen so he sold it. He did, however, have a hand in the directing. Such a great movie.

Okay, I guess I am done babbling. Time to try to get some shut eye. Good luck to me. Good night world.

It’s been while!

Hello all!

It has been a long time since I have written anything on here. I have been super busy with school and work, but now that school is winding down, life is getting easier.

In these few months, I have discovered what I want to go into as far as careers go. I am going into Biology with the ambition to become a Physician’s Assistant. I think it will be a super fun adventure. PA school is only about two years, give or take a semester, so that is much better than having to go to med school. All good things are happening on that front.

Next task at hand, my job! I work in a local coffee shop, and I am becoming addicted to coffee. I know that seems like it would obviously happen, but I used to hate coffee. I am becoming an addict of my work, which is a good thing I guess. So, all good things there too.

This month starts the month of dieting. Starting this weekend, my hubby and I will be dieting. We have been taking small steps for about a month now, because we have terrible eating habits. It is not so bad. The toughest thing will be the soda. This is day one with no soda. Let’s see if I can make it the whole day. Wish me luck.

I have also been reading non-stop. I am reading these books by Laurell K Hamilton. She has 2 major series and I love both. I’m almost at the end of the first series (well at the end of the books that are already out, for there will be more). It is such a good series. I love the fantasy genre and I recommend the Merry Gentry series to anyone who loves Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Okay, I am done catching up. I promise I won’t disappear again.


Today, we were given the daunting task to come up with an 8th deadly sin. For some, this may not be easy. For me? Oh yeah, I got this.

In my opinion, one of the worst sins a person can perform is willful ignorance. I am talking about those people who are right, even when you can prove them wrong. They will not get off of their high horse for long enough to see that being right isn’t the most important thing in the world. They do not want to learn the truth, for it may be new, and new things are “scary”. They choose ignorance because they do not want to be known for having been wrong.

Seeing the bigger picture in life is always important, and a majority of the time, we lose sight of that in the endless struggle to be right about everything.

Just my two cents.


It’s MY Party!

Today’s prompt :”Since many are marking their country’s “birthday” in the US today, we wanted to ask: How do you celebrate yours? Are you all for a big bash, or more of a low-key birthday boy/girl?”

First of all, go America for the 4th of July, even though John Adams wanted it to be on the 2nd of July. Either way, Happy birthday America!

When I was a kid, I celebrated almost every year with a bunch of friends at the skating rink. Which was a lot of fun. I love to skate, even though I have no coordination whatsoever. I still loved it.

Then I got a little older, and had slumber parties with my closest friends, but decided that was not a good idea. I was friends with everyone, but that didn’t necessarily mean they were friends with each other. So the next few years, I celebrated my birthday for a whole week with different friends.

On my 16th birthday, I had a hot tub/karaoke party. It was one of the best ones I have ever had. My dad thinks he is in a hair metal band from the 80s, which made that birthday hilarious. We had blow-up instruments. Classic.

For the next few years, I spent my birthdays at the mall with various people. That was always fun. I used to love to shop. Also, my parents always gave me a week of festivities. I got spoiled.

When I moved back down south, I had big parties with tons of friends and family.

I spent my 21st doing the normal, let’s get me drunk to where I can’t walk or talk anymore. I guess that was a right of passage or something. It was still way too much fun. We found out my alcohol tolerance was super high then, for someone of my size.

Now, in my 24th year, I enjoy my birthday month extravaganza that I am now spoiled to. The week of my birthday, we go crazy. Dinner with different relatives, movies, bars, all the fun. I generally get my hair and nails done. I bake my own cake because I am really into baking and I enjoy my from scratch cakes better than most box cakes(I know that makes me snobby). Oh well.

This year will probably be more along the lines of hanging out. I also like to get tattooed on my birthday. This year is my Sailor Moon thigh piece(do not judge).

So that is my life of birthdays! Go me. Can’t wait to read other people’s habits!

❤ For Now.


Unfortunately, I have been MIA for a few days. This is what happens when a person works too many consecutive days, then starts a stupid hard summer course.

No time. None for me, at least.

We are a man down at the coffee shop until the 7th, so I have been working non-stop. You may be asking yourself, “How hard is it to work at a coffee shop?” The answer to said question is not very hard at all. BUT if you add in a 4 week summer class of Chemistry 2, it takes up ALL the time in the world.

The time when I would normally be blogging at work goes to the 8 chapters of chemistry I have to learn in 20, now 18, class days. Totally not enough time to learn 8 whole chapters and have them sink in, but my school had no 8 week summer classes of Chemistry, so I am stuck with this.

Now why am I going through this trouble? I am an over achiever, therefore in order to get my associate’s degree at the community college, I have to take the required classes, obviously. If I didn’t take this summer class, I would be here one more year, racking up more loan money, which my hubby and are are opposed to. So I am going through 4 weeks of summer hell, so I can have every degree possible, in the most cost/time efficient way.

To add insult to injury, I am sick. I felt it coming on a few days ago and expected the worst.

Since,I have work tonight, obviously I tried to get my shift covered to no avail, so I am slamming orange juice and dayquil and going to push through. To this my husband says, “Channel your inner Tim Howard”. Now, I know people from all over the world are on here, and for those who don’t know, Tim Howard is America’s goalie for the World Cup. He is a champ. Yesterday, he made history and stopped 16, let me say it again, 16 goal attempts, and gave Belgium a huge run for their money. They had to put in hard work to score, which inevitably they did, but If it wasn’t for Tim Howard, they would have beat us 16-0. I’d say that’s a great team player.

Anyway, I am at the coffee shop now, and I decided to hold off on studying at work today. Just not feeling it.

I am just counting down the time. Currently, four hours left. I think it’s time for a four hour musical to be heard. Les Mis it is. Go me.

I will try to be on here more often.

Vending Variety

I am super happy with this daily promptSoft drinks, electronics, nutrient-free snacks —vendingmachine you can get all of those from a vending machine. But what type of vending machine is sorely needed but doesn’t yet exist? Share your automated retail fantasies with us!

I have read a lot of fantastic ideas for this so far, and here are a few of mine:

First, I would want single serving coffee beans, from all over the world, to grind myself and brew myself. None of the gas station crap that is too watered down, and none of the over brewed Starbucks coffee. I want the real deal, best beans around, coffee.

Second, I have to agree with anyone who says they want a book vending machine. I see RedBox as a movie vending machine, so why not have one for books? Maybe there could be a machine for each genre, too, or am I asking too much? I think it is reasonable…

Third, I would have one for all beauty products. I am talking hair stuff, makeup, nail polish, brushes, maybe even a hair dryer and straightener for those days when you are running late. Maybe you could fix yourself up in the bathroom of the place you work?

Fourth, I would have a sushi vending machine. I LOVE sushi. I would have all the rolls in the world, especially dynamite rolls, and also some friend rice. Who doesn’t love rice.

I could go on for days with ideas for my ideal vending machines in the world, but for right now, this is a start. Someone, get me to the patenting office!