About Me

Hello World! This isn’t going to be a themed blog, it will have a touch of everything. However I feel that day is what you will get from me. I tried to start a blog through a different site, but when I went to log on from a different computer, it deleted EVERYTHING I had. That could have been user error(probably was), but either way, I am here now. Let me tell you a little about me.

I am 100% a type “A” personality, so I will probably change the theme a million times before I get the perfect one, and then it still may not be perfect. I am very new to blogging. This would “technically” be my second blog since the first one decided to delete itself, but we will call this my first blog. Let’s hope I get this one right.

Back to me, I am in school for Biochemistry, for now, and I am planning on working in a crime lab when all is said and done. However, my REAL passion is the arts. Music, in particular. I have a deep connection with music because of my childhood. Growing up, my mother was an opera singer, so I love classical, and my dad was all about 80’s hair metal and 90’s music. My brother was into all sorts of things, but he introduced me to operatic metal, such as Nightwish and bands like them. I was, of course, destined to be in band throughout school, which is where my passion lies. If I had to choose one type of music it would be orchestral. I played the majority of the woodwind section in band and orchestra, excluding the flute because who the heck can play a flute? Sorry Larf if you are reading this. The dream is to work in a crime lab in New York City so I can be near my passion. Word hard, play hard, right?

I have been married for two years, and when people say opposites attract, they really do. We are so different, but so similar, it is crazy.

This is us. While taking our engagement photos, I was trying to be cliché, so here we have the iconic Titanic picture.


I will probably add more to this later, but for now, money has to be made.


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