Over and Over Again…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Second Time Around.”

I have been a book worm since I was a child. As such, there are many books that I can read over again without boredom. Naturally, it takes out the element of surprise; however, some stories just make you feel amazing when you are done with them. 

I would have to say the most read book by me that I read every year at least once is Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. 

It is an amazing story of adventure and friendship, and in the end, trust and love. The story speaks to me with it’s intelligent humor and quirky characters. The development of Sophie, the protagonist, is beautiful. She grows from this timid young girl who will not stand up for herself to a strong young woman who has found love and made a life for herself. No one said she could make it and she wouldn’t amount to more than owning the hat shop in her family. She proved everyone wrong and ends up being a happier person for it.

This speaks to me because I grew up with this story. It meant something different to me each time I read it, depending on what stage I was in of my own life. I felt like I would not have grown up to be much of anything and now I am in school to better myself and I have a relatively “fun” life. 

That is my story. It speaks to me on many levels. I also read the sequel often. That’s all for now.