I have never been one to sleep easy. Normally, the routine is to watch tv for a few hours until I am remotely tired. Then, go to bed and read for an hour or two and drift off to sleep with my loud fan going and complete darkness of my room.

Well, this is not the case this evening. I am visiting my dad. There is no loud box fan or blackout curtains. There is no sleep. So I guess since it’s nearly 4am, I will just babble on for a while.

This week was my birthday week. 24 years on this earth and I am finally figuring out what I want to do in life. I say it took me long enough. Others say this feeling is completely normal. Maybe it is, but not for me.

My whole life I dreamed of being in medicine. That all changed when I actually went to college and decided to go for something that would make me a lot of money. Maybe that’s a terribly shallow aspect of my life, but it doesn’t end there. I went through the ideas of forensics(all sorts), psychology, anesthesiology, chemical engineering, and pharmacy. I ruled all of these out one by one when I realized that I am not a fan of chemistry at all in the slightest, and for psychology I would definitely bring my work home with me. Plus, I did not want to go to med school. So what did that leave?

A regular at my job suggested one day to look into physicians assistant school, since I had such an interest in medicine. It requires no med school, thank God, and is a 2ish year program, depending on my determination. PAs make a great salary with a lot less schooling and would make a great career. It would definitely get my hubby and I out of the south, which would be amazing. So that’s what I want to, and will, do.

When this became a post about what I want to do, I am not sure. But either way, that’s out. Now, on to other things. Like the fact that I can hear a train at 4am. Definitely not sleep conducive.

I was reminded tonight of a great movie I loved when I was in my teens. Not a normal movie for teens to be drawn to, but I had a different childhood then most people I know. We watched True Romance, which the hubby had never seen. I forgot how good it was. In a sick Tarantino way, it’s a great love story and truly one of the most romantic movies I have ever seen. If you haven’t seen it, go do it now, or at least at some point. Quentin Tarantino wrote it, however, since it was one of his first movies, he was broke and didn’t have the money to make it happen so he sold it. He did, however, have a hand in the directing. Such a great movie.

Okay, I guess I am done babbling. Time to try to get some shut eye. Good luck to me. Good night world.


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