It’s been while!

Hello all!

It has been a long time since I have written anything on here. I have been super busy with school and work, but now that school is winding down, life is getting easier.

In these few months, I have discovered what I want to go into as far as careers go. I am going into Biology with the ambition to become a Physician’s Assistant. I think it will be a super fun adventure. PA school is only about two years, give or take a semester, so that is much better than having to go to med school. All good things are happening on that front.

Next task at hand, my job! I work in a local coffee shop, and I am becoming addicted to coffee. I know that seems like it would obviously happen, but I used to hate coffee. I am becoming an addict of my work, which is a good thing I guess. So, all good things there too.

This month starts the month of dieting. Starting this weekend, my hubby and I will be dieting. We have been taking small steps for about a month now, because we have terrible eating habits. It is not so bad. The toughest thing will be the soda. This is day one with no soda. Let’s see if I can make it the whole day. Wish me luck.

I have also been reading non-stop. I am reading these books by Laurell K Hamilton. She has 2 major series and I love both. I’m almost at the end of the first series (well at the end of the books that are already out, for there will be more). It is such a good series. I love the fantasy genre and I recommend the Merry Gentry series to anyone who loves Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Okay, I am done catching up. I promise I won’t disappear again.


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