Unfortunately, I have been MIA for a few days. This is what happens when a person works too many consecutive days, then starts a stupid hard summer course.

No time. None for me, at least.

We are a man down at the coffee shop until the 7th, so I have been working non-stop. You may be asking yourself, “How hard is it to work at a coffee shop?” The answer to said question is not very hard at all. BUT if you add in a 4 week summer class of Chemistry 2, it takes up ALL the time in the world.

The time when I would normally be blogging at work goes to the 8 chapters of chemistry I have to learn in 20, now 18, class days. Totally not enough time to learn 8 whole chapters and have them sink in, but my school had no 8 week summer classes of Chemistry, so I am stuck with this.

Now why am I going through this trouble? I am an over achiever, therefore in order to get my associate’s degree at the community college, I have to take the required classes, obviously. If I didn’t take this summer class, I would be here one more year, racking up more loan money, which my hubby and are are opposed to. So I am going through 4 weeks of summer hell, so I can have every degree possible, in the most cost/time efficient way.

To add insult to injury, I am sick. I felt it coming on a few days ago and expected the worst.

Since,I have work tonight, obviously I tried to get my shift covered to no avail, so I am slamming orange juice and dayquil and going to push through. To this my husband says, “Channel your inner Tim Howard”. Now, I know people from all over the world are on here, and for those who don’t know, Tim Howard is America’s goalie for the World Cup. He is a champ. Yesterday, he made history and stopped 16, let me say it again, 16 goal attempts, and gave Belgium a huge run for their money. They had to put in hard work to score, which inevitably they did, but If it wasn’t for Tim Howard, they would have beat us 16-0. I’d say that’s a great team player.

Anyway, I am at the coffee shop now, and I decided to hold off on studying at work today. Just not feeling it.

I am just counting down the time. Currently, four hours left. I think it’s time for a four hour musical to be heard. Les Mis it is. Go me.

I will try to be on here more often.


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