Summer Sprinkles

What smell reminds me of the summertime?

Growing up in Louisiana, it rained most of the year. During the summer, however, the rain had a special smell. It was the smell of super hot asphalt that was cooling down. It smelled of fresh cut grass washing away. It smelled of my childhood, but I didn’t occur to me that rain was such a memorable smell until I moved up north during a draught. It didn’t rain for practically 3 years. I missed the rain and everything about it. I remember moving back down to the south on a day where it was pouring and how happy that made me.

050713rain-620x413It brought me back to being 8 years old and running outside and doing rain dances. Watching hurricanes is something we did for afternoon fun.

So, not only does rain remind me of summer, it is also my favorite smell. It was a time in my life where I could have peace if I wanted it.

To me, there is no better smell.



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