100HappyBlogs: Day 7 Masquerade

As I watch Phantom of the Opera, probably for the millionth time, I realize where my true dreams lie.

Ever since I was a child, my mom has sung opera. I grew up in the theater watching her perform and then host the opera. My passion set in early. I have seen this live quite a few times. Each time, I cry when the phantom sings, “You were cursed the day you did not do, all that the phantom asked of you” because you can hear the hurt in his voice. He loves her and knows not how to act in the real world and in social situations. It is like he doesn’t understand how not to be hurt and upset. He doesn’t know how to vent. Sometimes, I feel the same way, not about love, but about life in general.

Back to my passion. I dream of singing on Broadway. The two shows I actually saw on Broadway, Les Miserables and The Lion King, were so moving and amazing, I wanted to stay in New York to see them all. Now it is my dream to go to New York for my career, and hopefully I can put on my music mask and become a part of the world I grew to love at such a young age.

Music moves me in such a way that I believe my life would end suddenly if someone told me I had to live without any music for the rest of my life. There is nothing more close to my emotions. I can feel all the pain poured into every lyric, or if its orchestral, it’s even easier to feel the feels.

Orchestral is my favorite, but I want to be a singer on stage. It may never happen, but I can dream and await to see what unfolds in the future.

Even though it makes me sob like a baby, music makes me happy when skies are grey. It is my light at the end of the tunnel and super worthy of a happy blog.


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