Fantastic topic today! What do I do as a nightly routine?

Well, I am a night owl, as some may call it, so my routine goes well into the night. Normally dinner is around 7-9ish depending on when my hubby and I feel like cooking. After that, we take care of the animals and the house. Pretty boring right?

We both work all the time, and when I am in school, time becomes even shorter, so we keep things tidy when we can,

Anyway, after that, it is time for TV or movies or perhaps we will go out to a bar(it’s rare). I, then, like to go get in bed with the dogs and read until I finally fall asleep. It takes a good long while for that to happen, so I go through books like I do socks.

So, that is my nightly routine. Oh, and in there add brushing teeth and showering and that’s about how the evening goes.

Sleep well, all. ❤


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