Would I Do It Again?

The prompt today asks if I could relive the past week, would I? And would I change anything about it?

I would NOT relive the past week, and let me tell you why.

It is not like this week has been special, important, or different from any other week. Most of my weeks are the same. Some a little better, some worse, but generally the same. I don’t like to think about going back, because a few years ago, that is all I wanted it to. I didn’t want to move forward, and I lived in the past. In my life now, I keep going forward. There is no going back for me anymore.

Going forward doesn’t always mean good things will happen. There will be struggle and tough times. Trust me, I will be the first to tell you that. But, there is no better way to go than forward.

Now if I did decide to go back and relive it(hypothetically), I wouldn’t change anything. I am a tad superstitious and I believe if you change things it will rip a hole in your universe, like in Dr. Who. So no changes for this girl!!!

Happy Living ❤


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