A Stormy One

My solstice day:


I woke up this morning with one of my best friends sleeping on the couch. He was so jet lagged from coming home from the other side of the world, that I decided to let him sleep until my husband got home from work. Peace is a good thing, and we need to keep it as long as we can.

Anyway, the hubby came home and we went to a bar to watch the World Cup, which was super fun.

After that, the hubby and I came home and napped the rest of the day away. Lazy Saturday afternoon. What better to do with a day off, especially when it is a rainy one?

As dinner rolled around, we decided on grilled cheeses and soup. A rainy day favorite. Which just got demolished, by the way.

Now it is time for the season finale of Orange is the New Black and blogging. I may even dye my hair tonight.

As far as how I feel about the solstice, it is a pretty normal day, just like any other. I don’t like today better than I liked yesterday or better than  will like tomorrow. I try to like take everyday one step at a time. They are all blessings. We never know when the last one will be, so to me, a solstice is just another day.


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