100HappyBlogs: Day 4 My Dad

I wish I had this blog on Father’s Day, but late is better than never, so let me tell you about my dad.

My dad is a great guy. He is my inspiration for most of the things I do in life. He is a bit tone deaf(sorry, Dad) but some of my favorite memories of him are singing musicals together as loud as we could.

Sometimes we don’t have the same view on things and disagree, which normally makes me mad, but for the most part, we have the same mind. I am a mini-version of him in so many ways. We are both ambitious and refuse to give up on anything, even if it means going through pain to finish the job.

For Father’s Day last year, he took me to get my tongue pierced, which I don’t have anymore. That is the kind of relationship we have. It’s weird and out there, but it’s a strong relationship.

When I got married, everyone gave their speeches at the rehearsal dinner, except my dad. He decided to do it the day of the wedding, even though he “doesn’t like the spotlight”. Yeah right. Anyway, he proceeded to tell everyone that my hubby was the first boy I brought home that he didn’t want to dismember…

He used to dance and sing in public just to embarrass me.

All in all, he is the best dad I could have asked for. That is why I dedicate this 100HappyBlogs post to him!


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