100HappyBlogs: Day One, Life as I Know It

Doing 100HappyBlogs is a great idea. Often, I am at a loss for how to put my thoughts in writing, but with this, I can just write about what makes me happy.

Let’s go back in time to my last year in high school. I was a sad kid, who was lost, who was moved away from her lifelong friends her first year of high school. I was that awkward girl. Although I had friends, in the end they turned out to be enemies. I am not sure if that is normal for high school, but that is how mine was. My senior year was the worst; my “best” friend was taken out of school and moved and my home life was rather rough. (I promise this is not going to turn into my sob story). About midway through my senior year, I dropped out and my brother and his wife moved me back down south, where I belonged. It wasn’t my hometown, but being back in the south and out my my situation was good enough for me.

However, I had this same dilemma of not knowing any of my own friends.

My brother helped me get a job at the restaurant he worked, and there I met my new best friend(and her rather large family) and my (now) husband.

Moving down here showed me that a person can be happy; that when things get rough, there is a way out.

Now, 5 years later, I am very happy. I am in college and have plenty of friends. I have gotten to know family that I was never around as a child(for which I am super thankful and have no idea how I lived for so long without them). I have 2 bad, but cute, dogs and a kitty. I have my hubby. I have so many things in life that I can now be thankful for and that have shown me real happiness. I gained a great family, many if you include the best friend’s family. I have a goal and purpose for my future, which I never had before.

All in all, I have been shown my own slice of freedom and peace and would not go back to how things were for the largest amount of money in the world.

My life is great, and great it shall stay!

This is the face of a happy person, well two happy people.



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