The Wonders of Hair

Today, as I was working, I realized that when most people have a problem, they will not look up and research an answer, but will ask another person, assuming that person may know the answer. In a world where a good proportion of people own a smart phone and have the option to look anything their heart desires, they are still clueless to use it when they have a question.

What I thought was common knowledge, apparently was not, which brings me to the topic of hair. For a few months there, I was obsessed with my hair and learning everything that was good and bad for it.

First, and the most basic, it is BAD to wash your hair daily. When you wash your hair, you are pulling the natural oils from your hair. When you do this too often, you are hindering your hair’s ability to moisturize itself, leading to less healthy hair. It needs those oils to stay silky, smooth, and shiny, and it can do all that without all the hair product you want to put in your hair to achieve those feats. Now some of you may scoff, but try it. You will notice a difference. Wash your hair once, maybe even twice a week and your hair will be healthier in no time. The way to get around the oily hair? Dry shampoo! It should be your new best friend, and there are really good ones that are not expensive.

Second, trimming your hair will make it grow faster? Complete myth. Really, trimming your hair keeps it healthy, but the rate your hair grows has nothing to do with cutting it. Yes, healthy hair grows faster, but the key to having healthy hair is to not wash it everyday, eat foods full of nutrients, and be active. You do not have to exercise everyday, but don’t sit around doing nothing everyday and expect to have healthy, strong hair and nails.

Third, and the last of this post, when using any type of heat, make sure you put a hair serum on your hair to mask it. When you straighten your hair and you see steam, you are burning off your natural oils. Use serum, and you will be burning that off of your hair instead. It is a win-win situation. You get both healthy AND straight or curly(which ever you prefer) hair.

There is my rant on hair for today. I hope this helps.


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